Vince Diesel's Wheelman is a driving game for Windows
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Vince Diesel's Wheelman is a driving game for Windows. In this game, you play a CIA informer (Vince Diesel) who has to infiltrate several mafia organizations in Spain. The character played by Vince Diesel is an expert driver, so soon enough, you will be driving through the city at top speed trying to kill your targets or get from A to B faster than your competitors.

This formula has already been used by many a game. Need For Speed, Driver, Mafia - those are all games that have done it before. This game though looks like it hasn't been finished. The graphics look totally awful. I remember playing the original Driver series on the PC several years ago. And the graphics back then were not too worse than Wheelman's. The character models are OK. Vince Diesel looks good and the voice acting is OK, too. Sometimes, however, the lines are a little bit too cheesy and the cinematic scenes don't make too much sense. The overall feeling that I get from this game is that I know what's coming. And that is never a good sign.

The controls for driving the cars and shooting around are identical to those in other games. That is perhaps good since this game does not need a controls problem to get matters even worse. On the bright side, there are lots of cars that you can drive and there are hints that you can even drive motorcycles later in the game. Also, if you are planning on buying this game, I would recommend trying to land on UbiSoft's US store or even go as far as opting for the American version of Amazon, since you'd be saving at least 15 dollars.

José Fernández
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  • Good crashes to total enemies


  • Graphics are nothing to brag about.
  • Cheesy dialogues
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